New Game In Production: Wholesome Monster Girl Academia

Heartfelt Games is now working on a new visual novel called Wholesome Monster Girl Academia! WMGA is a 100% wholesome foray into the world of monster girls set in a Catholic high school.

Begin a new school year and make friends (and even more) with the local monster girls including:

  • Sera the preppy harpy cheerleader
  • Wren the tomboyish dragon girl
  • Clover the lazy and nerdy slime girl
  • Eva the bratty but religious succubus
  • Aria the punk rockin’ half-vampire

If this visual novel strikes a chord with you, follow here:

New presskit() section

This site has now been updated to include a presskit() section.  If anyone from the media is interested in materials for articles about Heartfelt Games LLC or any of the games on this site, this is your one stop location for all the details you’ll need.

When It Hits the Fan and Blackout Grid’s individual pages now also have widgets on them so you can download each game without leaving the site!  Blackout Grid also has a Google Play widget as well.

Hope all this makes things more convenient for everyone!

New Title Screen and Event notice

New Title Screen

When It Hits the Fan has been getting a lot of updates lately.  All of this is preparing for an official demo release along with shortly after a Greenlight campaign and a Kickstarter for more music.  I hope to be adding local co-op soon too so look forward to that!

This weekend on Saturday, August 22 from 6:30pm to 1:30am I will be attending Bear’s Grizzly Game Night at Bears on Fairfield in Shreveport, Louisiana.  There, you will have a chance to play a few indie games from local Louisianians including When It Hits the Fan!  You will either need $5 to get in or your Geek’d con ticket for entry.

Boss Showcase: Zombie Tank


I just started the implementation for the first boss:  Zombie Tank!  So far it’s pretty exciting with two turrets, the main head shooting downward making to harder to pass in front, and a horde of zombies coming from the sides.  Hope this gets some of you excited!  It’s pretty fun so far; I can’t wait to release the demo!


(Here’s a small sneak peek of two others as well)

Enemy types


For those tired of the same old “zombie game” here are a few more enemy types:  demons (imps shown), aliens (basic alien shown firing a laser), and robots (not shown).  Each of the enemy types have at least 3 variations (with a few exceptions, like the sludges) and a boss for each enemy variation.  Each enemy type also has a “spawner” associated with it that will endlessly spawn enemies until they are destroyed.  Good luck against the hordes of creatures that will be thrown at you!