In 20XX, android AI now has the capacity to serve humanity by replacing dangerous, servantile, and repetitive jobs. With that power, comes responsibility.

Recently group of hackers known as the Red Bombers have taken over personal androids enjoyed by the population. It’s up to Alphaman to burst into action and take them down!


  • Move left and right:  Arrow Keys or D-pad (no joy-stick support)
  • Jump:  Z
  • Shoot:  X
  • Charge for Free Secondary Weapon Use:  Hold C
  • Shoot Secondary Weapon:  C
  • Switch Secondary Weapon:  A & S
  • Dash:  Shift
  • Climb:  Up Arrow


Trey Cockrell (@Trueyomic)


Kezia Salmon
Trey Cockrell (only stage select and stage intro themes)

Some Sound Effects taken from When It Hits the Fan, another Heartfelt Games LLC production.