Wholesome Monster Girl Academia

When you get in a fight at your old school defending a monster person from being bullied your school’s “no tolerance” policy comes into play.  Your parents decide to send you to a private Catholic high school, but it seems things are different in the private schools.

Monster people are still not very accepted in the public very well, but they seem to fit right in within niche communities like St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Begin a new school year and make friends (and even more) with the local monster girls including:

  • Sera the preppy harpy cheerleader
  • Wren the tomboyish dragon girl
  • Clover the lazy and nerdy slime girl
  • Eva the bratty but religious succubus
  • Aria the punk rockin’ half-vampire day walker

Along with a cast of other students and faculty members, you’re sure to have a unique experience with this Catholic Christian perspective on monster people and their relation to the world at large.