Spirit Orb Pets

This page features an old abandoned game with no public download. 

Full disclosure. This was originally local pet sim game intended to be a mobile game then it got abandoned when I went to work on Blackout Grid and When It Hits the Fan. After many years I revisited the game as an NFT blockchain game. Each NFT represents a character that you feed using the blockchain to interact with the pet. After some fun with the community and releasing a version 0 and version 1 set, the NFT economy crashed and much of the community left. This was a sign to drop the project. It is still immortalized on the blockchain and accessible via the website or on a blockchain explorer. Technically it doesn’t ever need a front-end if it were to ever go down because of how the blockchain and smart contracts work. If you wish to check out that site, here it is:  https://www.spiritorbpets.com

Spirit Orb Pets Classic

Home screen that features your pet, actions, and basic stats

Spirit Orb Pets is a virtual pet simulator featuring various pets to raise and train.  (Currently abandoned)

It features:

  • 8 pets and evolutions with more to come!
  • Pet Training mini-game
  • Music Arrow mini-game
  • Adventure Mode (in development) – fight enemies to gain experience, gold, and items!
  • PVP battles (not yet implemented) – fight against your friends’ pets for glory!



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