Enemy types

For those tired of the same old “zombie game” here are a few more enemy types:  demons (imps shown), aliens (basic alien shown firing a laser), and robots (not shown).  Each of the enemy types have at least 3 variations (with a few exceptions, like the sludges) and a boss for each enemy variation.  Each […]

Bonus Level Basics (Alpha)

Here is the basic set up for the bonus levels that will be placed in between levels in “When It Hits the Fan”.  There will be unlimited enemies spawning from different points of the screen with a timer counting down.  If you survive the encounter, you get more points. This screen shot shows a lot […]

New Site

Welcome to Heartfelt Games LLC’s main site!  You should be able to find all you need on the main page’s toolbar above.  It features all the games currently in development and an about page which has all contact information as well. For more frequent updates make sure to follow the Owner’s twitter:  @Trueyomic Check out […]