When It Hits the Fan


When It Hits the Fan is an action arcade top-down shooter for PC and arcade.  It features four apocalypse scenarios happening all at once:  Zombie invasion, robot (AI) going out of control, demons crawling the Earth, and Aliens invading!

It features:

  • 4 Zones (City, Laboratory, Underground/Hell, and Alien Spaceship)
  • 9 Weapons (Handgun, Double Handgun, Shotgun, Machine gun, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Laser pistol, Laser cannon, and Chainsaw)
  • Various power-ups (Invincibility cloak, Force shield, protective cross…)
  • Many enemies (zombies, irradiated cockroaches, out of control robots, demon imps and devils, alien brutes, and more!)


  • PC: Steam, itch.io, and possibly more
  • Arcade: Own an arcade machine made by Shreveport Arcades in the near future!

When It Hits the Fan is in early development so current graphics and game play are not final.


Various types of enemies in the first level of the game


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